Friday, October 10, 2008

The Great Pumpkin! patch

Today the Beautiful lady, little buckaroo and myself went on a short adventure to the pumpkin patch.  This place has pumpkins everywhere.  Little buckaroo loved pounding on them and standing next them, but when we tried to get him to stand on them it took some coercing.  He wasn't to sure about his bare feet on top of an orange gourd.  We spent a few hours walking around taking photos, enjoying the farm, and then we picked one out to bring home.  This place is definitely a place to return to year after year to pick out that perfect pumpkin.

Little buckaroo's 1st Fire Service day!

This last weekend was fire service day and so the beautiful lady and little buckaroo came to visit me at the Costco parking lot.  There we had my ladder truck, several engines from different agencies and a medical helicopter. Throughout the day demonstrations were put on such as, a firefighter dressing in his gear for time, or a wildland progressive hoselay, and we did demonstration on cutting apart vehicle with the popular "Jaws of Life".  Anyways it was nice to see my family there and they had a good time meeting up with all the other guy's families also.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well today little buckaroo and me went for an off-road adventure for couple of hours.  We met up at the firehouse where beautiful lady dropped him and the supplies off.  We strapped ourselves into the Jeep and we were off.  We first headed up to the Mill Creek ranger station which we found out is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays......hmmmm......oh well we don't need a map or to know the rules or regulations anyways they tend to put a damper on adventures.(Don't even get me started on the crock of malarkey called the "adventure pass")  So we took our little break and proceeded up highway 38 to a place called Jenks lake.  We walked around spotted some blue jays (I am not an ornithologist but the were blue).  We laughed at some fat gray squirrels, and then continued on.  I am not really familiar with this side of the San Bernardino Mt.'s but I just picked a dirt road that followed along some water.  I was actually surprised how much water was flowing this late in the season, and how many people were fishing it.  We kept driving along seeing pretty colors of fall and playing in the dirt and be alone.  We finally made it back to the road and we went through the seven oaks resort which is a cool little mountain place with some cabins and park like area's. From here we were heading back home when I saw what looked like a lookout tower.  I could see a switchback fireroad heading down the mountain but could not see where it began so I headed down the road and took a guess at the dirt road I came across would get me and the buckaroo there.  Well I guessed right because shortly after I committed to the fire road there was a sign stating the name of the look out...Morton Peak Fire Lookout.  We continued up a steep and rutted one lane road for about 30 minutes and finally came to the peak where the tower set about 25 feet in the air.  We called out to the lookout and he invited us up.  We were treated to a great view although hazy of the whole San Bernardino and Riverside valleys and mountains.  We looked through the Osborne Fire Finder and imagined spotting a "smoke" and calling it in to dispatch and guiding the firefighters there.  We then signed the guest book talked some more with the lookout and then it was time to go.  Little buckaroo was hungry and so was I.

All and all a very good day,  I will post some photo's when I figure out how, also found out you can rent out the Morton Peak Fire Lookout for the night.  I am planning on giving it a go....let you know when I do 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Angeles Oaks

This week my little buckaroo and me will be going out to the Angeles Oaks area to see what kind of fun and sights we can see.  I will be meeting up with some of the guys at work and I will be taking the wife's jeep (that way I won't get my truck dirty...j/k).  I am hopefully going to get some pictures to post and have a story to share but who knows.